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Blackjack have gained great popularity due to its simplicity and speed. A new player can learn how to play blackjack within a couple of minutes. You don’t have to think about suits or the difference between court cards. All you need is the basic knowledge of maths and several rules that are a piece of cake to remember.

Card values

Pip cards of all suits count according to their face values. This way, seven of hearts and seven of spades will both be equal to seven. All count cards give a player ten points. Count cards, also known as face cards, include Jacks, Queens, and Kings.

Aces can be counted as one or eleven depending on the situation. They change their values to improve a player’s hand.


While sitting at the blackjack table, you aim to collect a hand that meets two requirements:

  • Your total count is less than twenty-one, though close to it.
  • You have more points than the dealer.

A party begins, two cards are dealt to every player. These cards must stay at the table without being touched. Now, it’s time to make your move. In the blackjack game, you can do one of the following actions:

  • Hit: you get another card.
  • Stand: you skip your turn.
  • Double: you can double your bet and receive a single additional card. This option is only available as the very first action.
  • Split: if you have only two cards with the same ranks, you can split them as if they were two different hands.
  • Surrender: lose half of your bet and fold your hand as your first action.

When the dealer’s turn comes, they can do nothing but draw cards until their points reach seventeen. This moment is considered to be the end of the game.

The possible outcomes can be as follows:

  • You have over twenty-one points. It’s a bust, you lose.
  • The dealer busts. All players win.
  • Players who have more points than the dealer win.
  • The dealer and the players have the same number of points. It’s a tie, no one loses or wins.

Now, you know the rules and can try them by playing blackjack online! You can try this game on the websites we have gathered for you. On this page, you will find all the best blackjack casino sites for Australian players.

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