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Roulette is one of the games that come to mind when a casino is mentioned. It’s a simple game of luck that can give you enough thrills while the roulette wheel is spinning.

Even newbies who have never been to a casino before know what the game wheel looks like. It consists of thirty-seven or thirty-eight red and black slots. All these slots are numbered and arranged in a special order that can seem chaotic to new players.

If you decide to play roulette online, you will find two primary wheel types. The European roulette is played with one Zero pocket, while the American wheel has two Zero pockets. You can try both of them to decide which one suits you best.

The roulette table displays all the available bets, so you will learn all the options as soon as you get used to its unusual layout. You can stake not only on a particular number, but also on groups of numbers, a color, and evenness. After all bets are placed and the betting session is closed, the dealer throws a ball on the spinning roulette wheel. When it stops on some slot, the outcome is announced and the winnings are paid out if there are any.

As you can see, roulette has straightforward rules, and a party is speedy. It doesn’t require much effort or special skills and perfectly suits inexperienced players. Nevertheless, many gamblers who have passed numerous hours on casino websites find this game entertaining.

We have selected casino websites with the best Australian roulette tables and listed them on this page. Explore them to find the one that satisfies you the most and enjoy the game of luck!

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